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MAX is the furniture line that meets the need for sit-stand workplaces for Activity Based Working. MAX provides electrification, cable management and an acoustic partition between the workplaces, this makes MAX the perfect solution for Dynamic Working in a modern and pleasant office environment.

Research shows that working in a standing position influences the brain activity and health of employees as the brain gets more oxygen and is more stimulated. Absenteeism decreases due to regular standing.

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* Our blades are supplied as 25mm thick chipboard with a melamine top layer.
* The blades are in different versions to obtain colorways where all blades are provided with sustainability labels.
* Including FSC and PEFC.

* 160 x 75 cm, 180 x 75 cm and 200 x 75 cm, height of the screens is only available in 120cm.
* Wing sheet is available in 100 x 100 and 120 x 120 cm.
* Height of screen is only available in 120cm.

* Adjustable from 65-128 cm or from 56-128 (only possible in T-range).
* MAX is in HI and E-drive (electric adjustable).
* Leaf protrudes above the partition wall.
* Silent adjustment due to silent guidance, this ensures optimal preservation of the concentration of all employees.

For the powder coating process it gets product has an anti-corrosion treatment with Phosphorus.
* Powder: Epoxy polyester front indoor use.
* Thickness: 70 – 95 microns
* Coating process: 10 minutes at 180 °

* White
* Black
* Silver

Cable routing
* Safe routing of cables to the workplace.
* No dangling cables under the top.
* Separated data and power cables.
* Optionally available with separate cable tray and folding arm in RAL color.


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