About Us

Momentum office Design is a leading supplier of office furniture with a fantastic range of modern, contemporary and executive designs. We specialise in Commercial Furniture and Fitouts that brings together Design, Manufacturing and Delivery expertise to every project. With over 20 years in the industry, our professional experts will bring you innovative, luxury designs to optimize your office spaces with the latest and highest quality products to suit every style and budget. Let us create an office space that will bring you optimal productivity in a stylish environment.

Our Expertise


We are passionate advocates for State of the Art designs and we focus on the latest trends, product development and innovation. Momentum office Design is able to devise unique designs that are specifically suited to the Australian marketplace.


We are providers of high quality workstations and office furniture, Momentum office Design continually strives to achieve an environmentally aware and efficient manufacturing operation. Our strategic vision is the expansion of our research and development, leading to new and better products, focusing on ongoing product refinement. Momentum office Design is driven by a genuine desire to be the best in every aspect of its business by continually investing and upgrading facilities in the pursuit of excellence and value.


Momentum office Design specialises in project-based solutions providing for large and multi-site projects and client customisation and has extensive experience in project delivery.

We understand that project based commercial furniture solutions require thorough planning, a clear understanding of all parties’ expectations and an acceptance of responsibility for agreed tasks and outcomes. Our business processes drive Momentum office Design’s management and require full documentation through the process to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget and to specification.

Momentum office Design maintains a thorough personal involvement throughout the entire project delivery process by identifying a dedicated project team to maintain responsibility for the life of the project. The Momentum office Design team provides a wealth of knowledge and experience ensuring the highest level of outcomes at all times.

Global Capability & Local Experience

Momentum office Design provides a unique capability in Australia. Since its conception, Momentum office Design has maintained its passion for improving working environments through ongoing dedication to product design and quality and outstanding client service.


Momentum office Design demonstrates our support through a dedicated team of skilled and committed people, all focussed on one outcome, customer satisfaction.

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    Momentum Office Design is one of the leading office furniture suppliers based in Melbourne with an impeccable reputation in the industry.

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