Our commitment to environmentally friendly solutions for office fit outs

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Momentum Office Design likes the world and is dedicated to minimising our impact upon it.The Butterfly Effect suggests that a small change in a system, such as the fluttering of a butterfly wing can trigger connections that lead to resonant change. As such, we include environmental consideration in everything we do. From the materials and industrial processes in the manufacturing of our products, through to the sales, delivery and the installation chain.

Small steps and actions over time become a history of responsible achievement, and a record of the process of change. Our growing concern for minimising our footprint on the environment is also shared by our diverse customer base. Implementing and adhering to environmental and sustainable standards is our responsibility.

Momentum Office Design

  • Partners with Suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability and theenvironment
  • Source wood only from Suppliers who support and participate in reforestation programs
  • Water-based adhesives are used across all product lines were possible to ensure low-emitting solutions
  • Comply fully with the letter and spirit of environmental laws and regulations
  • Minimise our use of materials, water and energy, and purchase supplies that are designed and manufactured to cause the least impact to the environment
  • Seek opportunities to improve our environmental performance
  • Reduce, re-use and recycle our waste materials whenever possible
  • Wherever practical conduct our business travel in ways that minimise impacts to the environment
  • Encourage our Customers and others we work with to improve their environmental performance
  • Whenever feasible use raw materials recycled from other sources
  • Monitoring all scrap produced and recycling wherever feasible. Minimising packaging to that needed to ensure the product is stored and delivered to the customer undamaged
  • Eliminate any potentially polluting discharges to the atmosphere or drains
    Consider the environmental impact of proposed new investments as part of our assessment procedure

This policy statement confirms Momentum is intent to create and implement sound environmental principles throughout the organisation and is available to all employees and the public through our website and upon request.

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