A Hybrid Apod

Hybrid Apod
With the Apod you create acoustic privacy in the open office spaces. Colleagues are able to focus or one
to have a private conversation if necessary. In the design air quality has been carefully considered and use has been made of healthy materials.

Available in four different sizes and therefore usable for different purposes. From single call booth to
six-person meeting room. The smallest models are even equipped with wheels and therefore even more flexible to use.

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Product Description
The present day mobile computing, teleworking and international collaboration makes different demands on the modern office. Much more space we will use for meetings, informal discussions and brainstorming. Only if the office facilitates these activities well, you will use it in a productive manner. Certain tasks require more concentration than others. Striking to the Hybrid Apod developed to facilitate this in an open office. Depending on the size have 1-6 people working space where you can work undisturbed or it will disturb others. The Apod is easy to install and move.

Apod Series Options:
Apod S
Apod M
Apod L
Apod XL


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