Agile+ Workstations

Get a lot more with Agile+ designed to inspire a more collaborative working office environment, that shapes what you do and the way you do it every day. We understand the desk is your work arena, where you create, think, produce and get prepared to always deliver on the task at hand. Whether it’s standing up or sitting down, the flexibility and power of Agile+ delivers to modern working conditions through more power and more functionality that creates the right space that inspires you to do your best.

Agile comes with extra features such as programmable height limiting functionality and sensitivity adjustment for anti-collision safety. It also includes privacy screens, divider panel system and cable management options which integrate tidily with corner, back to back & single desk layouts.

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We believe it’s about giving people a choice to change their work environment at the push of a button. Smooth, fluid & fast movement controlled through a twin / triple motor, delivering maximum structural integrity with 160kg weight capacity.

Excellent stock levels of black & white frames & ready to ship, it’s also backed with a 12 year warranty. Get more with Agile+, taking desking options to the next level.


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